UK Weight Loss Camp Swells in Size

April 23rd, 2008

As it preps for its third summer season of weight loss camps for kids aged 12 to 18, Wellspring UK finds itself triple the size it was at its opening in 2006.

Like the U.S., England has a weight problem. About a quarter of English children are obese.

The camp, which combines a low-fat diet, physical activities and cognitive behavioral therapies, accommodated 30 attendees in its first year and 52 in its second year. This year, it will accept more than 100.

“Every time there is a news story about childhood obesity, we get a flurry of calls”, said Wellspring UK Camp Director Ian Carter, adding “there is a tangible feeling among the parents we speak to that they want to take action before it is too late.”

Wellspring runs another eight weight loss camps across the United States.

The organization’s clinically based program is designed to encourage long-term behavioral change, which will result in substantial and permanent weight loss.

In addition to Wellspring Camps, Wellspring runs Wellspring Academies, a year-round residential program for obese youth aged 11 to 24.

Formerly known as Academy of the Sierras, Wellspring Academies allows students to continue their studies in middle school, high school and college, while also training them to control their weight through diet, exercise and behavioral change.

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