Home Delivered Diets

Gourmet diet food dropped off daily at your front door — How convenient is that? At one time, home delivery of specially prepared diet foods would have been widely viewed as an overindulgence of the wealthy. But with lifestyles becoming busier and busier, it’s beginning to make sense to a growing base of ordinary people.


When you think about it, the trend of eating prepared, home-delivered meals has been rising years, so the emergence of a secondary trend of prepared home-delivered diet meals was to be expected. After all, diet meals tend to take longer to prepare, making the time-savings factor that much more compelling.

But it isn’t only the time-crunched who are signing on. Home delivery also provides greater opportunity for people in rural areas to take part in meal-plan based weight loss programs. In the past, these prepared meals would have been picked up in bulk at regular meetings. Now, delivery services drop off a cooler in the morning with fresh provisions for the entire day. If the meetings weren’t providing value, the ability to avoid them is another positive benefit. To make up for the lack of contact with support personnel, some companies, including NutriSystem, offer their clients access to “personal coaches” to support them on an individual basis.

Contracts and cost

The demand for long-term contracts is common, but various options are available. Dieters should shop around to be sure they’re getting a delivery service that meets their needs. In the U.S., the cost of home-delivered diet plans range from about $10 to $40 daily. Typically, the price will come down a bit the longer the contract.

What to avoid

– The most important aspect of a diet program is that it addresses your weight loss requirements. Don’t compromise your health for the sake of a convenient home delivery plan.

– Many smaller companies are getting into this burgeoning field. Be sure to check their reputations and obtain references if at all possible.

The following is a list of services specializing in home-delivered diet foods:

  • Atkins at Home
  • Balance for Life
  • Bistro MD
  • ChefsDiet
  • Definitive Reflections
  • Diet Across America
  • Diet Delivery
  • Diet Direct
  • Diet Gourmet
  • Diet-to-Go
  • DineWise
  • Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet
  • eDiets Deliciously Yours
  • Fresh Dining
  • Good Measure Meals
  • Healthy Chef Creations
  • HMR At Home
  • Home Bistro
  • In the Zone Delivery
  • JennyDirect
  • Magic Kitchen
  • My New Form
  • New Kitchen
  • NutriFit
  • Nutrition in Motion
  • NutriSystem
  • PureFoods
  • RAWvolution
  • Seattle Sutton
  • Silhouette Chefs
  • Sunfare
  • Susan’s Healthy Gourmet
  • 3-Hour Diet
  • The Slim Down
  • The Specialty Gourmet
  • Zone Delivery USA
  • Zone Healthy