Diet Software

A large number of technology-based tools are available to help dieters with different aspects of their weight loss efforts. Some are software programs that run on home PCs, others are mobile in nature and work on Pocket PCs and PALM Pilots. Still others are accessible at online sites.

Weight-by-Date Pro

Weigh-by-Date Pro is a powerful tool that covers all the dieting bases. Its features include:

  • A calendar to help you track your weight loss
  • Statistics, weight loss projections, and rewards
  • Progress charts for weight loss motivation
  • An easy-to-use food diary that simplifies your diet
  • A database of over 40,000 foods
  • A meal planner that works with any diet
  • A way to organize your recipes
  • A way to set limits for each nutrient in your diet
  • An easy-to-use exercise journal
  • A database of over 130 exercises and activities
  • A body measurements journal
  • Diet, health and fitness tools and calculators


Diet Power features a “smart” software program that monitors, and in doing so learns, how your meals and exercise routines affect your weight. It then begins making recommendations related to diet and exercise on a personalized level. Among other things, it provides food advice that will improve your balance of 33 vitamins and minerals. And it calculates your “Nutrition Quotient,” which means it gives you feedback on your food choices.

My Food Diary

This online diary for dieters has a food database of over 50,000 items. The system counts calories and tracks consumption of fats, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, sodium, cholesterol, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and water. As well, it enables users to keep track of the calories burned through exercise and physical activity.

Fit Day

Download Fit Day to your computer and you can easily track your dieting progress, including calorie consumption, weight loss and, exercise and metabolic rate. According to the company, more than two million people have purchased Fit Day. The system has received favourable write-ups in numerous publications, including Women’s World and Health and Fitness.