UK Weight Loss Camp Swells in Size

As it preps for its third summer season of weight loss camps for kids aged 12 to 18, Wellspring UK finds itself triple the size it was at its opening in 2006.

Like the U.S., England has a weight problem. About a quarter of English children are obese. continue »

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Non-Dieting Spouses: Is Yours a Supporter or Saboteur?

A new Ontario study, published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour, has looked into the behavior of significant others when their partners were on diets and made some disturbing findings.

The study involved interviews with 21 pairs. Most were spousal couples, but one was a father-daughter combo. The research was an attempt to shed light on how a partner’s dieting affected the non-dieting partner’s emotions and diet. continue »

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Calorie-Restricted Diets Won’t Help You Lose Weight Long Term

It was a comment by Oprah Winfrey that set her on the path to discovering calorie-restricted diets don’t work, writes A. Janet Tomiyama in a paper called Dieting: Does It Really Work?

Tomiyama is a Ph.D. student in social psychology at UCLA, with concentrations in health and quantitative psychology. The Oprah comment was:

“Everyone knows diets don’t work. All they do is stress you out.”

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Weight Loss Offensive: Jenny Craig’s New Push

In 2004, the skin-care and beauty products giant Unilever broke with marketing convention and launched an ad campaign for its Dove brand using “real” women – some of them decidedly overweight – as models.

At the time, observers applauded the company for putting its advertising muscle behind positive body image messaging, but the consensus seemed to be that it would soon revert back to its old ways. continue »

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