Who we are

DietsmartWeightloss.com is a consumer information service that is making a genuine attempt to provide readers the critical knowledge they require to make informed dieting decisions. The market is awash in weight loss programs. New Internet-based programs are launching on almost a daily basis, driven by the zeal of entrepreneurs to take advantage of the medium’s easy promotion and distribution opportunities.

In the midst of this chaotic environment, we’re offering a refuge of calm and objectivity. DietsmartWeightloss.com does not sell anything. We help consumers separate the wheat from the chaff. Our mission is to assist consumers in finding legitimate products and services that will contribute to their personal weight loss goals.

What Makes Us Different

We write our articles in-house. The content is not provided by companies selling products. Nor does it come from medical professionals with a particular outlook on dieting and weigh loss. Rather, we are regular people offering a consumer’s perspective and experience on what works and what doesn’t.

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